Prof. A. J. Angulo















A. J. Angulo is the Elizabeth Singleton Endowed Professor of Education at Winthrop University. He teaches courses on the social, political, legal, intellectual, and comparative dimensions of America's educational past and present. His current research explores the role of privatization and economic thought in schools, colleges, and universities. His other research areas include international and global education, reform politics and policy, and education law. He is the author of Diploma Mills (2016), Miseducation (2016), Empire and Education (2012), and William Barton Rogers and the Idea of MIT (2009). 

Angulo has presented papers at such national and international conferences as the History of Education Society, International Standing Conference for the History of Education, Social Science History Association, European Society for the History of Science, American Education Research Association, International Society for Educational Biography, and the Society for the Study of Curriculum History. His publications have appeared in History of Education Quarterly, Historical Studies in Education, History of Science, Perspectives on the History of Higher Education, Vitae Scholastica, Curriculum History, World History Encyclopedia, Education and Law Journal, and Innovative Higher Education.


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