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This site is dedicated to the discussion of block scheduling as a choice to restructure secondary schools. While this site will discuss the advantages of block scheduling, the research section will discuss both the pros and cons of this issue.

The different links on this site will be:

Why Block Scheduling?
A page that discusses why block scheduling is being proposed.
Block Scheduling: What is it?
A page that explains briefly the different kinds of block scheduling.
Current Research
A page that will present research on block scheduling. This page includes three links.
  1. One link to a page on research.
  2. A second link to a response to the studies out of Canada.
  3. The third link is to the North Carolina comprehensive statistical study that shows that block scheduled students have an advantage over non-blocked students on end of course, state wide, standardized tests in all core subjects.

Last update May, 1997

A page that provides resources to find out more about block scheduling. This includes a great overall site on the 4x4 school
Web Sites
A page of links to other web sites

About the developmental curator: David H. Vawter

I was a teacher in the Charlotte/Mecklenburg School System for nine years teaching Social Studies and coaching at a very progressive school named West Mecklenburg High School. Four years before leaving to continue my education in a doctoral program our school began to discuss changing our schedule to the block. We voted down a change to the Alternate A/B schedule that year. We continued to research the issue and the next year voted overwhelmingly to adopt a 4x4 semester plan. The change was one of the best experiences that happened in my teaching career.

Our school experienced the following:

An increase of students on the A and B honor roll
A decrease in the number of F's
A decrease in the number of both in school and out of school suspensions
At the end of the first year over 90% if the teachers supported the change and close to 90% of the students stated they did not want to go back to the old system.

Personally, the 4x4 block schedule changed my whole classroom:
My student load was reduced from 150 students to 85 students
I gave more homework and classwork because I had students for long periods of time, more time to grade papers due to increased planning time, and had more grades in my grade book.
My students' grades went up.
I got to know my students better.
I called a much higher percentage of parents because of the fewer students and longer times to make those contacts.
I was only able to cover the exact number of units, but was able to do each topic in more depth.

Please feel free to contact me with your comments.

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